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amicablebitch in br_eats


I'm a huge fan of Monjuni's and their Aurora sauce, so I tend to crave it specifically. They have two locations in Baton Rouge, one on Jefferson Hwy (close to Government) and the other on Highland Rd (in the Kenilworth Shopping Center).

When I went recently, set on ordering pasta, the waitress was all "today's soup is twice baked potato" so I was like "fine". It was quite heavenly. I may have to start specifically craving their soup now.

I still ordered pasta, Chicken and Fettucine Alfredo, and subbed the Aurora sauce (pretty much any item on the menu you can sub the other sauces) and it was heavenly as well.


Ooh, that pasta dish sounds good! I think I may have to try that one! My husband works at the one on Highland, so we get to try a lot of things from there =D Glad to see your reviews again!