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amicablebitch in br_eats

Two things

First of all, I am moving to Chicago in two weeks, so I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in taking over the position of moderator.

Two, I ate at Calendar's the other night for the first time in many, many years.

I was under the mistaken impression that it was the equivalent of an Applebee's, but that shows how much I know because it serves some amazing food. The sign and the atmosphere are still very reminiscent of Applebee's, and they've certainly got some similar sandwich and burger options. But holy cow their specials and "river city favorites" look phenomenal, and the ones I got to taste were pretty yum.

Catfish Calendar's: Catfish filet, lightly battered and fried, topped with sauteed mushrooms in a rich dill cream sauce. This sauce is ridiculous.

Chicken Beauhall: Lightly paneed chicken breast topped with spicy crawfish cream sauce.

I guess it's normal for things covered in cream sauces to be OH EM GEE SO GOOOOD, but I enjoy it. They also have some pretty great honey mustard, if you're into that, which I am.


Noooo! I'm all sad you're leaving! I love reading your reviews :(

I forgot what sandwich I use to get at Calendars, but I forgot that there is one on Sherwood, I think the one near me (on Perkins near Essen) closed