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drinky drinky

amicablebitch in br_eats

Coyote Blues

Some friends and I decided to try out Coyote Blues on Acadian (in the old Lone Star building). We've heard people rave about the Lafayette location. We went on a Tuesday night, and it was 2-for-1 margaritas and martinis during Happy Hour (4pm - 7pm). I think the drink special varies daily (Monday is dollar margarita night from what I hear) *EDIT: see comments for all Happy Hour specials*. We weren't impressed with the house margarita (which we were able to try both frozen and on the rocks because they brought the wrong ones out first). But several of the martinis we tried were pretty yummy.

The wait staff needs some work, although I suppose it could have just been our waiter. People like to make excuses for wait staff at new restaurants, but I personally think that's the time when there should be no excuse. You should have started out with good training, started out with experienced staff...I don't think you should start out hoping things will get better. I do understand working out some kinks, but there's no reason you shouldn't be doing everything in your power to make things run extra smoothly in the beginning. How else do you expect to win people over? Slack off later, when we're already fans.

Anyway, things seemed to take awhile to come to our table (and as I already mentioned, drinks came out wrong). But all the food we had was very good. I think the prices are a bit high, like everything should seriously be 2 or 3 dollars cheaper. i don't feel like Mexican food should be very difficult or expensive. I do understand using better quality ingredients, or having large portions, but I don't think they really did anything so fabulous as to require the extra cost. They have a unique menu (duck quesadillas?) and lots of options. I think it's worth a try, and would easily be a place to frequent if there was something specific you really liked. However, if you're just in the mood for some Mexican and margaritas, I think there are plenty of cheaper options in town that would perfectly satisfy your tastes.

If memory serves me right, I'm pretty sure the Baton Rouge menu is the same as their Lafayette menu (there's no website for the Baton Rouge location yet).

They have a red salsa and green salsa, not exactly like Ninfa's, but a similar idea. We were also excited about the side orders, as corn grits are an option and we were all huge fans of corn grits (although for some reason, everyone's grits came out after all of the food). We also tried the southwest mashed potatoes and those were excellent. But they have the requisite rice and beans as well.

neuvo crab enchiladas

el patron burrito

fajita burrito

corn, crab & poblano soup - essentially a corn and crab bisque. very rich and very yummy.

I would say take a look at the menu, you may decide there's something you definitely must try. I don't think i would bother going if I wanted anything too generic, as I could spend half as much and get just as full elsewhere. Although going during Happy Hour will certainly make it more worthwhile.


Cool. Thanks for the review; I've been thinking about trying it.


I work there (hence the anonymity), and completely agree with you about the service. Unfortunately, for all their "years of experience" in the restaurant industry, the management leaves MUCH to be desired. There was no real training and their hiring skills are seriously lacking. (Rumor has it they had almost 500 applicants for front of the house, and these were the best 50 they could find?? myself excluded of course :P ) They really should have gotten their shit together before the doors ever opened. Service does matter, especially at the beginning! Give us another month or so and we'll weed out the inferior staff members.

I love the food though--my favorite dish is the Shrimp Diablo Quesadillas, yum!

I feel the prices are comparable to Superior/Ninfas and our food surpasses them. I agree that we're not the place to go to if you just want generic, basic Mexican food. They do pride themselves on fresh, high-quality ingredients. They slice, dice, prep, and cook things daily. They don't use anything "leftover". The house margarita is potent, not made with crappy tequila and made-to-order, but it's not as sweet as others in town. It's not my favorite, but it gets the job done. The link you provided is for the dinner menu and is the same as the BR menu. The BR location is not open for lunch so we don't have any lunch items.
I'm glad to see an inside opinion is similar. I've actually always considered Ninfa's and Superior pricey as well, maybe Superior moreso...I actually don't think I've been to either recently, so their prices may have gone up from what I remember. I know the economy sucks and all, and I've no problem admitting I'm a bit cheap, but I guess I just feel like entrees should have been more in the $10 - $14 range...vs the $12 - $16 range. But I don't doubt they use great ingredients. And I agree they have some unique things going on, and we all really enjoyed the food. I think I'll definitely go back, when I'm in the mood for something fancy. But a lot of my love for Mexican food stems from the basics, like chips and salsa, and anything that's meat, cheese, and sour cream, so if that's all I'm craving, I'd probably pick somewhere else to go and spend less...because those are things that most places can't mess up (not that it hasn't been done). I think Happy Hour will also help, if I ever just want to get drinks, and eat chips and salsa, then I can go just for that (I'm usually pretty full after all of that anyway).

Can you tell me what the other happy hours are on the different days?


Monday-$1 house ritas all night ($2 doubles)
Tuesday- 2 for 1 house ritas and martinis, 4-7
Wednesday- 2 for 1 house ritas, 4-7
Thursday- ladies night, $2 martinis and wine, 4-7
Friday- 2 for 1 house ritas, 4-7
Saturday- 2 for 1 house ritas, 4-7
Sunday- 2 for 1 house ritas, all night
*flavored margaritas are never on happy hour, they are always full price.

I feel ya, there's no way I could afford to eat there all the time, even with my discount.
thanks! i'll definitely stick to the nights with martini options.
Thanks for the review, I was curious about that place, too.