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rosy in br_eats

Wine Walk

Something new at my favorite place, Perkins Rowe: the Wine Walk! My waitor at the Grillroom (Food was spectacular, as usual!) told me about it. Every Thursday, you pay $10 and you get two glasses of wine from four different restaurants. That's 8 glasses of wine for $10! I apologize that I didn't think to get the other restaurants' names or starting times and whatnot. I wasn't really worried because I can't go till next week. Just thought I'd share.


could you leave more details? Like where to meet and how much to bring. This sounds really fun.
Okay. Apparently, this is all real new and details have been sketchy. According to my friend at The Grillroom, meeting time & place is 5:30pm at The Loft. According to someone at The Grape, meeting time & place is the courtyard area between The Grape & The Loft at 6pm. She said bring $10 cash. The four restaurants definitely participating are: The Loft, The Grape, Kona Grill, and The Grillroom. California Pizza Kitchen may also be participating. This is separate from a charity event for Hospice also going on tonight called "Walk the Rowe."
They also have it downtown. Wednesdays though, it was Wine Walk Wednesdays on Facebook. It actually started downtown, and...well here, I'll just link you to the article.. (actually I won't because 225's site is down?) Anyway, promotion company was handling it, and they were pocketing all the money, so the downtown business banded together and organized it themselves. so then the promotion company moved to perkins rowe, same thing happened, businesses took over. i think now promotion company is trying to find somewhere else to do it now.

I went to the one downtown once (when it was still under the promotion company) and really enjoyed it. I doubt it's changed. Personally, I sorta have to side with the businesses...I'm not saying the promotion company is bad people, but some of their behavior did seem shady. Pocketing all the money and what not. Definitely a brilliant idea, but if everyone isn't actually benefiting from it then I can see the need for change.
Do you know if they still do this? I googled, didn't find an answer.

8 glasses of wine is a LOT to drink, but it would be fun to just spend a leisurely evening in pleasant conversation in different places. Does the $10 cover the cost of the wine, or just the sommelier?

Any ideas about how to find out?!