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Jul. 13th, 2009



California Pizza Kitchen


Hits and misses. One of the misses being the service. So I'll start there.

First off, once we were sat, it took awhile before anyone stopped by to check on us. The waiter's excuse ended up being that he was waiting for more people to sit down (only half our party was there). And I don't really mind the excuse, I guess I'm just used to someone stopping by regardless and ASKING if we want to wait for the rest of our party or not. And since we were all rather dehydrated from the night before, we didn't want to wait to just order some drinks.

And honestly, I would not have even mentioned that mishap normally, but the fact that things didn't stop there, I feel like I might as well give full disclosure.

So, we order drinks and an appetizer. Mainly we got glasses of water, but my friends also ordered some strawberry banana smoothies. The smoothies were ready and sitting on the counter for quite awhile, the bartender even had to remove their whipped cream topping and re-top them because they sat there so long and sorta melted. Eventually they made it the table (like, 3 feet away from the bar) and were absolutely delicious. But we were still waiting on our appetizer. Then, once the rest of our table arrived, the waiter took their drink orders, and then asked us to let him know if we wanted an appetizer...and I was like "we already ordered one". I think he then immediately remembered that we had, but he didn't remember what it was, and obviously hadn't put it in. We ordered another to go along with it, and he said he'd put a rush on it. (Again, another mishap I'd overlook, but there's a list so you're getting all of them).

We ordered the hummus and avocado egg rolls. I didn't try an egg roll (I'm not a huge avocado fan) but I hear they were awesome.

The hummus was good too, but it required an entire extra plate of pita to finish. And we were not taking small dips.

I find a lot of places don't give you enough bread/chips/pita to use up all of whatever dip you order, but usually you only need a few more pieces. Never have I needed an entire extra plate (and honestly, could have still used a few more pieces). It just disappoints me when places obviously don't do enough pre-test to determine the correct portions. And I don't think they charged for the extra pita, so it's not like they were short-changing us just to make an extra buck. (And if they did charge, then I'm disappointed with them pulling such a scam).

And here's the main problem really. This is what our table looked like, BEFORE we got our pizzas. Seriously, pre-bus anyone? We had 5 people, yet there were like 10 glasses on the table. We actually started stacking everything in the hopes that someone would notice.

And it wasn't like everyone had just finished their smoothies, this stuff all sat on the table for about 10 or 15 minutes. Our waiter made several stops to deliver new drinks and check on other things, but never touched an empty glass or plate. It wasn't ridiculously busy (it was the late lunch rush, but nothing really excessive). And not only did our waiter not pick it up, but no other waiter picked it up, and no manager came by...like, no one in the entire restaurant managed to notice and do something about it. We were sitting right in the middle of everything too. What kind of training did this team have?

Eventually our pizzas came, and it all seemed a bit mediocre. Some people's were piping hot, while others were barely lukewarm. This restaurant sits over 100 people, so you cannot tell me that it's impossible to manage the ovens well enough to produce 5 hot pizzas at the same time.

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Jun. 10th, 2009




So last night we went to Dingo's. Already mentioned here, it's this new place that is supposed to be sorta Australian/American I guess, the owner is Australian (he brought out our food actually). Most items are pretty familiar but with flair. We ordered some generic items, but the menu has some unique twists here and there, and everything was good.

We started with the spinach dip with feta...super creamy and super yummy.

The veggie burger, which apparently was pretty yum. Loved the roll...it was a little sweet and reminded us of the cafeteria rolls we had in elementary school.

I had a bacon cheddar burger and it was super yum as well. i didn't have the same bun as the veggie burger, mine wasn't as sweet, but it was very soft and fresh. And we both had sweet potato fries.

We also ordered an Australian beer (not Fosters) and a mixed drink that like pink lemonade.

There are some more exciting items I'd like to try from the menu, I was just a little in the mood for comfort food, and dip and chips and cheeseburgers fit that bill quite nicely.

May. 31st, 2009



(no subject)

Hunan is currently on my shit list. We were having a terminator movie marathon before we went to see Salvation and the guy I'm seeing ordered take out from Hunan. I ordered the braised tofu from the vegetarian section. It was supposed to be tofu, button mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Sounds easy enough, right? He confirmed there was no meat in it. He brings it home and there's no button mushrooms or bamboo shoots. What I got was a bowl of tofu and PORK. I tried ordering the steamed vegetable dumplings, but the lady on the phone said those have pork in it too. Um, then advertise it that way?

I've gotten my family hooked on Nagoya and we all went Wed. I've learned that they usually only do the vegetarian sushi rolls on the weekend. The past few times I've gone during the week, there was nothing on the sushi bar I could eat. I really wanted sushi last week, so I asked one of the sushi chefs if he could make one with just vegetables. He asked me exactly what I wanted on it and made it for me on the spot. So major bonus points there.

I'm also big on Greek food. I order the eggplant mousakka where ever I go because it's my favorite food EVAR. We were going to go to Serops Express on jefferson because they make it the way I like it and I think they have the best baba ganoush in town. They aren't open on the weekend. Romans and Arzi's are right by my house, so we went to arzi's. I ordered the mousakka appetizer and was not impressed. It looked like they used canned tomato paste instead of stewing it with tomatoes and there was only maybe 2 pieces of eggplant in what I got. It was mainly onions and peppers.

If I had to rate the mousakka in town, I'd give Serops express and A+. Roman's is ok, but they don't leave the skin on and you have to ask them not to put feta on top of it. Albasha ranks right behind Serops. They leave the skin on and you get lots of eggplant. I just wish there was more tomatos in it. I'm interested in going back and trying the squash mousakka

May. 11th, 2009


rice noodle craving.

Where's the best place to get Pad Thai in Baton Rouge?

Bonus points if they have a really good Pad Se Ew.

Apr. 30th, 2009



The Grillroom

New place in Perkins Rowe

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Apr. 28th, 2009




New Filipino restaurant, Pinoy, on the corner of Coursey and Sherwood Forest Blvd.


We ordered three of the four appetizers, and then each had a different entree. Everything was yummy. I've no experience with Filipino food, but it appears to have an Asian and Spanish influence for the most part. There are some dishes served only on Friday and Saturday that look promising as well.

Sisig: Pork sliced in small pieces with hot sauce, lemon, onions, and served on a sizzling plate.

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Apr. 20th, 2009



Perkins Rowe

I know we've talked Kona Grill to death, but I never really thought their food was all that. Now, for reasons of health, vanity & economics, I haven't been eating out as much as I used to. So I don't know if it's that I'm more appreciative of the food when I do eat out now, or if my frame of reference just isn't as vast, but anyway.... I visited Kona recently and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to share.

Since I was recovering form oral surgery, I thought pasta would be easy on my mouth. So I chose the Basil Pesto Linguine. The description is chicken & Andouille sausage (Cajun comes to mind) in a chipotle-cream sauce (I'm thinking Mexican). Then you got basil pesto & tomato (Italian?). So I didn't know what to expect, but any of the above sounded good. Well, it tasted neither Cajun, Mexican, nor Italian. I suppose that's because it's HAWAIIAN, hello! It was good, only mildly spicy. Can't say I really tasted the chipotle very strong. All the flavors just kind of mellowed out together & combined into this yumminess with a little hint of spice in the background.

I definitely had entre envy, though, for David's Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp.

Ah, there's just something about those crazy flavor & texture combinations, the spice, the sweet, the sour, the crunch... Ah, those Thai people got it goin' on!

I'm a long-time fan of Kona's Happy Hour. That's where we do our girls nights. Just get there before 7 PM during the week, and certain drinks & appetizers are 1/2 price. I'm talking you can get a dish & a drink for $6 plus tip. You can't beat that! And if you do it on Wednesday, you can walk over to The Loft when you're done for their wine tasting. You get to try 4 different wines, and if you like any, you can buy a glass or bottle for 1/2 price. Oh, and they got cheese & crackers, in case you didn't fill up at Kona.

Something new! In the park square, they now have music & art on Sundays between 12:30 & 3:30. Great place for brunch, eh?! We wanted to try it out this weekend, but we're going to wait for a prettier day.

AND I hear there's a new restaurant, The Grillroom. I ran into my old boss from Clinique. She said she's head chef there now. I wanna check out the new restaurant! Anybody try it yet??

Apr. 14th, 2009

reubens 2002


(no subject)

I'm out right now eating at a new restaurant that just opened up. Dingo's is in the old Semolina's on Coursey at Sherwood.

I'm eating right now, and boy I've got to say, they do some things really well.

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Oh, and before I go, I have to say it....


Apr. 13th, 2009




Despite some failed attempts at good service, they always succeed at having good food.

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Thai ribs, with roasted corn grits and buttered sweet potatoes

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Mar. 27th, 2009



hello sushi

honestly, one of my least favorite places to go. there just aren't that many rolls that i like. and even the things that i normally like at other places they seem to mess up a little here.

that being said, i know plenty of people who enjoy hello sushi. so whatever.

that bomb roll (bottom) honestly wasn't too bad. i was hoping from the description that it would be somewhat like Tsunami's Lava roll, but it's spicier, and not warm. so none of that creamy melt-in-your-mouth type feeling, but still tastes pretty decent.

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