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Baton Rouge Eats

a dining community

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This community is loosely based on the nola__eats community.

Hearing everyone's personal experiences is always beneficial. And don't worry too much about multiple posts on the same restaurant, it's always nice to hear multiple opinions. So, feel free to share your Baton Rouge dining experiences (good and bad), any recommendations, restaurant openings or promotions. Pictures are welcome, only please put multiple pictures and/or abnormally large pictures behind a cut.

Also, when posting, try to use tags to make future navigation easier. Like putting the type of cuisine (ex: Chinese, American) or the specific food (ex: sushi, chicken) or even the name of the restaurant. If you wait to add the tags AFTER you post, you can choose from the list that already exists for the community. Thanks, and Bon Appétit!
alligator, avoyelle's cafe, avoyelle's on the river, backyard burgers, baton rouge, black forest cafe, bonefish grill, c&g's, cajun, casa maria, champs, chelsea's, chicago's, chili's, chinese, city cafe, crawfish, deangelo's, dining, dining out, drusilla seafood, etouffee, fish, flemings, fluer de lis, food, fred's on the river, french market bistro, george's, gino's, great wall, gumbo, hello sushi, hooters, hunan's, india's, indian, inga's, j alexanders, jambalaya, juban's, kiva, la carreta, la madeleine, las palmas, lebanon's, lonestar, louie's, m's cafe, mansurs on the boulevard, maxwells, moe's, ninfa's, outback, p.f. chang's, phil's oyster bar, pinetta's, pirello's, popeye's, primo's, raising cane's, rama's, raoul's, restaurants, rotolo's, ruffino's, sammy's, semolina's, serop's, shrimp, silver moon cafe, skyhook cafe, spicy, sushi, swamp mama's, the caterie, the chimes, the melting pot, tj's ribs, tsunami, vietnamese, voodoo barbeque, zoe's